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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Apr 28, 2021

Today on episode 95,  I’m going to talk to Brock and Anne Roby.  Brock and Anne graduated from Princeton University in 1984.  Brock was number two in his class and Anne was number one.  They both become Christians there and then went on to plant the church in Oahu, Hawaii in 1989.  Brock and Anne share about:

  • How they got selected to lead the team
  • How they prepared for the planting
  • How the church grew from a team of 20 to an average Sunday attendance 9 years later of 1,000 people
  • The first 6 months of their planting when they saw 45 people get baptized
  • Their experience as parents of a child with Down Syndrome

All this and more on episode 95 of the Rob Skinner Podcast!


More about Brock and Anne Roby:

 Brock and Anne both graduated from Princeton University with bachelor's degrees in Civil Engineering and Brock with a master's degree from Stanford University. It was at Princeton where they studied the bible and became Christians and where they began to date. They were married two years after graduation and then went into the full-time ministry. They trained for the ministry in San Francisco and Boston where they were involved in campus, single, and family ministries. In 1989 they were then asked to lead the mission team to Honolulu, Hawaii, where they lived for almost ten years. During those ten years they planted churches in Hilo, Maui and Guam as well as discipled the church in Anchorage, Alaska. It was in Hawaii where their two children were born. In 1998 they were asked to return to the mainland to serve with the Bay Area Christian Church but were asked to step down from the ministry in 2005. They decided to stay in the Bay Area where both their boys were involved in the teen ministry and where they hoped their boys would become disciples - and they did. Barrett, who has Down syndrome, is now 29, and Nick, who also received a graduate degree in Civil Engineering at Stanford University, is now 28 and married to their wonderful daughter-in-law, Christina. Nick and Christina currently both serve in the full-time ministry in San Francisco.  Brock and Anne served in the full-time ministry for 19 years and Brock has been working as a civil engineer for the past 16 years. They currently live in Pleasanton, CA, where they continue to work for God but on a volunteer basis serving as directors for Pleasanton E-Soccer, a soccer program for children with special needs, and serving on other city and non-profit commissions and boards. In 2013 Brock and Anne were named "Couple of the Year" for the City of Pleasanton largely due to their work in the community and, in particular, the special needs community.