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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Apr 24, 2021

I’m Rob Skinner and this is the Rob Skinner Podcast. Today on episode 94,  I’m going to talk to Noah Mata.  Noah and his wife, Patty, lead the campus ministry at the University of Maryland.  Noah shares about:

  • Visiting his Dad in prison while Noah was going to college at Temple University.
  • Discovering he has a form of diabetes
  • Three keys to making campus ministry work in 2021
  • What he does to create a one another discipling culture in his campus ministry
  • How his ministry has managed to baptize nine souls during the pandemic
  • Working with other churches and college ministries on “Freedom Fridays.”
  • His new podcast: “The Messy Middle”

All this and more on episode 94 of the Rob Skinner Podcast!


Noah and Patty Mata currently reside in College Park, MD right outside of DC and serve as ministers in the Capital Rivers Church.  Patty is from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, became a Christian in the Teen Ministry and holds a Masters in Social Work.  Noah became a Christian in 2007 in Hartford, CT. Studied at Temple University - and has been serving in the Full-Time Ministry for almost 7 years in Philadelphia and in the Capital Rivers Church.  Both Patty and Noah are passionate about connecting the Gospel message to both the dignitary and the disprivileged.

Noah hosts a Podcast called "The Messy Middle" surveying stories on race and ageism and how to find Jesus in the center of it all.

Patty began a page called Jesus Ate Too about bringing a holy, healthy, and Godly mindset to body image and diet practices.  The Mata’s have been married for 3 years and have a dog son named Landon.