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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Mar 10, 2021

Today in episode 86,  I’m going to talk to Jon (33) and Rachel Buchholz (32) from Milan, Italy.  They share about:

  • Rachel's near-death experience during the delivery of her son Ben
  • How Jon and Rachel met in Kid’s kingdom at the age of 5
  • How their family’s faith inspired them to seek the mission field
  • How their decision to “just say yes” to God has guided them onto the mission field
  • What it takes to go on the mission field
  • How to prepare for any mission field
  • How they fight and overcome mission fatigue and how their love for the people in their church keeps them fighting for God

All this and more on the episode 86 of the Rob Skinner Podcast

More about Jon and Rachel:

Jon and Rachel serve as missionaries in Italy and as the evangelist and women’s ministry leader of the Chiesa di Cristo di Milano. They grew up in the suburbs of Boston, met as children in the Boston Church of Christ, and were baptized as teenagers before entering the Boston Campus Ministry. After graduating and getting married in 2010, they worked in campus and youth and family ministry for the Boston Church until 2014, when they moved to Italy as missionaries. During their years in Milan, the Buchholzs have been blessed with two beautiful children, Benjamin and Aurora, and continue to dream of making the gospel known in Italy and all of Europe.