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The Rob Skinner Podcast

Feb 23, 2021

On August 4th, 2020 a 1.1 kiloton bomb went off five minutes away from the home of Moufid and Jessy Tohme.  This is one of the most powerful non-nuclear blasts in history.  They and the church they lead in Beirut spent the rest of the year helping the 5,000 injured and nearly 300,000 homeless.  On top of that, they have been in near-total lockdown because of COVID-19.  In spite of these horrific circumstances, they have been saving more souls than ever in the history of the 27-year old church they lead.  Find out how they have managed to rise above their challenges and do God's will in extreme circumstances.  In this episode they will share:

  • The history of the church in Lebanon
  • Jessy's childhood living in shelters during a civil war
  • Their "Deep Roots" program that has enabled them to save more souls during COVID than at any time previously
  • How they currently have 230 people studying the Bible with only 100 disciples in the church
  • Their plans to plant more churches in Lebanon
  • Their Arab ministries in the US, Europe, the Gulf and Australia
  • How Jessy started her TV and Radio Career as a means to advertise a ministry event

All this and more on this episode of the Rob Skinner Podcast.