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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Feb 11, 2022

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This episode is the first of a three-part series called “Go Get It.”  I’m going to be talking about how to make 2022 your best year so far spiritually. 

I hope you are having a great start to 2022.  I’m seeing some very encouraging signs in my life and ministry that point to a great year.  I know that if you are listening to this podcast, you are a grower.  You are hungry to make this life count and to do whatever it takes to grow spiritually and make a difference for God.  I want to share with you three things that will help you make 2022 your best year so far.  I’m going to do a three-part series entitled “Go Get It”  The first episode I’m calling “Get happy”  I've included the transcript below.

What will make 2022 your best year yet?

  1. Get Happy
    1. Delight yourself in the Lord: Psalm 37:4
      1. Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. ESV
        1. Can you remember a time when you felt super happy to be close to God?
        2. When you felt that God was your delight and joy?
        3. I bet people noticed and it overflowed.
        4. It’s probably why you ended up leading a ministry.
        5. How about now?
        6. Ministry, career, family, financial pressures, middle age can all combine to steal your joy and dim your fire.
        7. We can get
          1. Business-like
          2. Worried about people or our performance
          3. Serious
          4. Cranky
          5. People aren’t inspired, avoid us or wonder “what’s wrong?”
        8. Personal sharing
      2. Nehemiah 8:9-10
        1. 9 Then Nehemiah the governor, Ezra the priest and teacher of the Law, and the Levites who were instructing the people said to them all, “This day is holy to the Lord your God. Do not mourn or weep.” For all the people had been weeping as they listened to the words of the Law. 10 Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.
        2. This was a renewal of the covenant similar to Joshua 24 and 2 Chronicles 15
          1. The people had drifted
          2. There were many problems
          3. Yet, Nehemiah and Ezra told them, “Don’t mourn, weep or grieve.”
          4. Instead, go and enjoy yourself, because “The joy of the Lord is your strength”
          5. Why?
            1. Because God wants us to delight ourselves in him
            2. Because being joyful in God is our “superpower”
            3. It’s what fired us up when we became Christians
            4. Experience, technique and performance aren’t as pleasing to God as simply loving to be near him.
            5. It’s what will set us apart during:
              1. Covid
              2. Difficult times
  • Uncertainty
  1. Practical application:
    1. Your number one job is delight yourself in God
    2. Don’t leave your home until you are rejoicing in God
    3. Make a decision you will be at least as happy as you have been in the past. “Only let us live up to what we have already attained.” Philippians 3:16
    4. Procrastinate on other things so that you have enough time to rejoice in God.
    5. Trust that God will give us what we desire or need when we delight in him
    6. Develop your praise power
      1. Psalm 89:15
        1. Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, Lord. NIV
        2. How happy are those who have learned how to praise You; those who journey through lifeby the light of Your face.  Voice