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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Mar 4, 2021

Today on episode 84,  I’m going to talk to Helen and Mohan Nanjudan. 

  • Mohan and Helen Nanjundan were baptized as students in London in the 80’s.
  • They’ve led churches in India, Singapore and the UK.
  • They have two children, Priya and Rahul, who are active members of our family of churches in Birmingham and Glasgow, respectively. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How they went from student converts in London to leading the church
  • How Mohan arrived at is wedding riding on a white horse
  • How they led HOPE Worldwide charity in India in the early 2,000’s.
  • How’ve they’ve each met and led two people to Christ last year during Covid
  • The advice they’d give to their younger selves: Be open, vulnerable and never stop being bold.
  • How they’ve made ministry a life-long passion and not a passing phase.

All this and more on episode 84 of the Rob Skinner Podcast