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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Feb 13, 2021

Today on episode 79_,  I’m talking to Chip and Ruby Mitchell, who lead the church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Leading a large, multi-racial church during racial unrest, political tension and a world-wide pandemic, they share:

  • Three practices that have helped them grow
  • How they ended up in Philadelphia
  • What is their "super power"
  • How to live a godly life during racial and political tension
  • How to have an “Exit Strategy”
  • How they blow off steam
  • Three secrets that will help you be a better preacher

More about Chip and Ruby:

Chip Became a Christian at the University of Massachusetts in 1986. While in college Chip competed as a 2 sport varsity athletics while attaining a BS in Sport Management.  While attending the Univ. of Mass he had the privilege and honor of being part of the Campus ministry of the then Springfield Church of Christ.  After graduation he worked as a Major Accounts District Manager for a fortune 500 company out of Hartford Connecticut. He specialized in payroll, HR, tax filing and unemployment management services. In 1993 he began his pursuit of his dream to become a minister.  In 1996 he was married to the love of his life Ruby Mitchell in Springfield Ma.  Ruby was converted as a professional single woman in the NYC Church of Christ in 1986. She graduated from Ithaca College with a communications degree. Ruby came to Philadelphia in 1989 on the mission team to start the GPCC. They currently have 2 amazing children Alonzo who is 23 and Camri who is 18yrs old.  They have served in many capacities throughout New England for over 2 decades. They currently serve as Evangelist and Women’s ministry leader for The Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ.