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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Nov 29, 2020

Marty Wilkinson lost 100 pounds from 315 to his current 215 pounds.  Minister to a church in College Station, Texas, which is home to Texas A & M University, Marty shares in this episode how anyone can get into the best physical, emotional and spiritual shape of their lives.

Marty's Keto Diet tips:
1. It's hard at first but when you get in a good routine and habit. The first three weeks are head. It gets better. 
2. You just have to be very deliberate about logging all your food and keeping the fats high, protein moderate and carbs super low. I use the looseit app. I log all my food. Buy a scale and weigh your portions. Don’t lie to the app. If you eat it- log it accurately. Your only lying to yourself. The loose it app will give you a healthy caloric goal based on your weight loss goal. 
Then you can calculate your own goals or limits on macronutrients (carbs, fats, protein). 70-75% fat; 20-25% protein and 5-10% carbs. The body body metabolizes fats 1gram = 9 calories. Proteins and carbs metabolize at 1 gram = 4 Calories. 
2000 caloric example is:
- fats- 1400/ 156grams - 1500/167 grams
- proteins 400/100 - 500/125
- carbs 100/25 - 200/50) 
So I log all my food and pay close attention to my macronutrients. Goal is high fat moderate protein and low to no carbs
3. The science behind it, is that your body switches it's main energy source from carbs to fat and in order to do that you have to have nearly no carbs in your system and keep it that way. 
4. I do a version of the diet where I stick to it hard Monday- Friday and eat whatever Saturday and Sunday. I lost the first 45lbs this way and then switched to staying on for weeks on end until I lost the additional 15. 
5. Add fiber supplement to your diet. Sugar is a laxative and no carbs will cause constipation. 
Typical meals
8am Breakfast- 3 eggs, 3-4 pieces of bacon
10:30am Morning snack- protein bar (find one with low carbs- Quest bars are my favorite)
12:30pm - lunch salad and chicken thighs
- 6:30pm- dinner- chicken or sausage, non starch veggies 
9:30pm- snack-1/4 cup peanuts and 2tb peanut butter 
Snacks that I like:
Nuts, beef jerky, sugar free jello cups 
Metabolism is greatly affected by lean muscle mass. My goal has been to get as strong as possible. 
**all weights moderately heavy (50-60% 1 rep max)- finish all reps- decrease weight in order to complete reps 
Day 1- Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
- Row machine 250 meters (start at a slow pace- don’t sprint- goal is steady movement that increases your heart rate) 
- Warm rotator cuff with resistance band 
  1. Dumbbell Bench Press- flat- 3x8 
  2. Row machine 250 meters 
  3. Dumbbell bench press- 30-40 degree incline- 3x8 
  4. Dumbbell Fly- incline- 3x8
  5. Row machine 250 meters
  6. Dumbbell shoulder press- 90 degree incline- 3x8
  7. Standing Dumbbell shoulder combo raises- front and side- 3x8 (one rep is two movements- go light)
  8. Row machine 250 meters
  9. Tricep push down- Rope attachment on cable- 3x8
  10. Row machine 250 meters 
  11. One arm tricep extension- Dumbbell, bench at 90- 3x8 (Hold the weight straight above head, bend at elbow, lowering to opposite ear, then extend to lock out, keep elbow close to ear of working side)
  12. Row machine 250 meters
Day 2- Back/Biceps
If possible alternate the paired lifts (ex. 1 set pull up followed by 1 set of preacher curl)
  1. Row machine 250 meters
  2. Pull ups- 3x8 (use machine that assists) 
  3. Preacher curl- 3x8
  4. Row machine 250 meters
  5. Seated rows- wide grip - 3x8
  6. Standing barbell or curl bar curls- palms up- 3x8
  7. Row machine 250 meters
  8. Seated rows- NARROW grip - 3x8
  9. Standing barbell or curl bar REVERSE curls- palms down- 3x8
  10. Row machine 250 meters
  11. Lat pull down- 3x8
  12. Standing curls 3 sets of 21’s (7 full curls, 7 half curl top half, 7 half curls bottom half) go light
  13. Row machine 250 meters
Days 3- Legs/Core 
** Leg lifts- go light, focus on form, low and slow
  1. Warm up- step up’s 2x10 each leg on plyo box or bench
  2. Squats- 3x8
  3. Crunches- 3x20
  4. Cardio- 3 minutes 
  5. Leg press- 3x8
  6. Bicycles crunches- 5, 30 second intervals 
  7. Cardio- 3 minutes
  8. Kettle Bell swings- 3x8
  9. Oblique crunch- 3x15 on each side
  10. Cardio- 3 minutes
Cardio options:
  • Rowing machine
  • Stair stepper 
  • elliptical machine
  • Or upper body cardio- ski erg
Here’s is the link to the home workouts I wrote for the quarantine: 
I’m using bands. Here the link to some on amazon.
I also use a tabata timer app called seconds. I program my workouts into the timer and it announces the next exercise and counts down the allotted time for each station. 
If your buy the app for $4.99. you can import the workouts as I create them. The app is super helpful, it’s like having a trainer with you. The app allows to run with music or other audio running simultaneously, the music turns down when instructions are announced. Here’s the instructions on how to import the timers.