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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Jun 10, 2024

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In this episode I  talk to Fadi Alhinn, a disciple born in Jordan and now living in San Diego.  He talks about:

·        What it’s like growing up Christian in the Middle East

·        How he moved 20 times before the age of 20

·        Strengths and weaknesses of both US and Middle Eastern churches

·        How he lost his Dad at the age of 17

·        What it was like moving to the states and starting over


More about Fadi:

Fadi Alhinn, was born, raised and saved in the Jordan. His parents Maher and Samar lead Middle Eastern churches for many years, his uncle was reached out to and baptized at San Diego State University in the 80's and planted a church in Jordan. Fadi was baptized in 2011 and after a tragic car accident his father passed in 2013 during a leadership conference in Lebanon. In 2015 Fadi moved to the US on a student visa, met his wife Miranda in the campus ministry and together they serve in the full-time ministry. Currently Fadi and Miranda are the congregational youth and family ministers in San Diego.

How to reach Fadi:  909.344.0409 or