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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Jan 9, 2023

In this episode, I interview Brian and Abby Mackie, who lead the church in Flagstaff, Arizona.  I traveled up to Flagstaff in early December to appoint them or ordain them as an evangelist and women’s ministry leader.  I look forward to discussing their path to leadership in God’s Kingdom.

I hope you are planning on going to the Climb Small Church Leadership Conference in Dallas Texas, November 30th through December 3rd, 2023. 

Also, if you have a desire to lead, plant or lead a church or become an evangelist or women’s ministry leader I have something you should consider:

I’m looking to hire for the following positions:

  1. If you want to become a church leader in the future but need more experience in the basics of ministry and want someone to walk with you, I’m looking for male and female interns who will start on campus and graduate to church planting or leadership.
  2. If you are ready to lead a campus ministry right now, I’m looking for a couple to lead the University of Arizona campus ministry. We’d like you to join us immediately and then in the fall, you will assume the leadership of the campus.
  3. Finally, if you already have ministry or church leadership experience and you’re just waiting your shot to lead your own church, we are looking for an experienced couple of any age to lead a church planting in the Tucson Metropolitan area.

Please let me know if you or someone you know are interested in this opportunity.  Email me at


  1. You recently got appointed as evangelist and women's ministry leader, how'd it feel?
  2. Abby, you started with the one year challenge, were you planning on becoming a WML?
  3. Brian, your Mom said she raised you to serve, not to lead a church.  Are you surprised to be leading a church?
  4. Who has helped you along the way and how?
  5. What has helped you?
  6. What are the pitfalls to avoid?
  7. You weren't considering yourself for the leadership of flagstaff, why not?
  8. What advice would you give for a younger person who wants a shot?