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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Dec 19, 2022

Listen today as I talk to Jeff and Amanda Henderson, missionaries to Sao Paolo, Brazil.  They share:

  • How Jeff overcame a major setback in his ministry career
  • Why and how they made the decision to move onto the mission field in their thirties
  • How they’ve stepped into leading the church in Sao Paolo
  • How God is working to bring revival to the church in Sao Paolo

More about Jeff and Amanda:

Jeff and Amanda Henderson currently serve as the lead evangelist and women's minister with our congregation in São Paulo, Brazil.  They also serve as the Directors of the Brasil School of Missions.   Before moving to Brasil, Jeff and Amanda served for 15 and 10 years respectively in San Antonio, TX in campus, singles, youth and regional ministry.  They have been married 11 years and have 3 kids - Millicent (6), Juniper (5) and Trey (3).  When not wrangling kiddos or drinking good coffee, Jeff and Amanda love to travel and occasionally sleep.