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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Aug 29, 2022

Today I’m talking to AT and Marci Arneson.  They lead the church in Chicago, Illinois and also chair the Catalyst Committee of the International Churches of Christ.  In this episode they talk about:

  • Their conversion and ministry career
  • How they converted 14 people in the first year of their faith
  • What the Catalyst Committee does
  • What it decided at the World Discipleship Summit
  • What it means that Jesus is Lord-period versus Jesus is Lord…if…
  • How to stay idealistic in an increasingly cynical world
  • How to tackle high tension situations
  • The future and challenges of the International Churches of Christ

More about AT and Marci:

AT and Marci Arneson are currently in their 15th year serving as Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader for the Chicago Church of Christ. Converted in the Milwaukee Church of Christ in 1992, AT and Marci just recently celebrated 30 years as Christians. AT and Marci went on their first date at 15 years old. In June of this year they celebrated 31 years of marriage. The Arnesons have two adult children; Jessica (age 30) and Stephen (age 28). 


Prior to entering the full-time ministry, Marci began her professional career as an elementary school teacher. Marci has been theologically trained through the Midwest Institute of Ministry and the Harding Graduate School of Religion. She also holds certifications as a volunteer for victims of human trafficking in the city of Chicago. AT holds a master's degree in Rhetoric from Marquette University as well as a theological master's degree from the Harding Graduate School of Religion.  Overall the Arnesons have served 29 years in the full-time ministry. 


AT and Marci have a deep passion for all of the adventures that come with serving God and His people. The Arnesons led the church planting to Columbus, Ohio in 1996, have been deeply involved in European missions nearly all of their Christian lives and have led on many different levels in Chicago and across the Midwest. Additionally, they have helped train and appoint many elders and elders wives, evangelists, women's ministry leaders and teachers. In recent years their focus has more and more turned to the raising up of the next generations of leaders under their purview.