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The Rob Skinner Podcast

Aug 15, 2022

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Join me today as I talk to Gordon Ferguson.  Gordon has served as an Evangelist, Elder, Teacher and Author.  He talks about:

  • His journey to Christ
  • The secret to his happy marriage with his wife, Theresa
  • How he got connected with the discipling movement
  • What went through his mind as he lay close to death from cancer
  • What he’d do differently if he had his life to do over again
  • What he sees as essential for future growth in our family of churches

More About Gordon:


1961-1965 Northwestern State University BME (Bachelor of Music Education)
1966-1968 Northwestern State University Graduate Studies (Edu. Admin.)
1970-1972 Preston Road School of Preaching Diploma
1974-1979 Harding School of Theology M.A. (New Testament Studies)

Professional Ministry Summary
 Over 50 years experience as a ministry staff member.
 Served on ministry staff in five different states.
 Preached and taught in many states of the US and many foreign countries, including most
countries in Continental Europe, a number of countries in Asia and Latin America, Ukraine, and Great Britain.
 Instructor in the Preston Road School of Preaching − Dallas, Texas.
 Director of the New England/Continental Europe School of Ministry
 Dean and teacher in the Ukraine Institute of Ministry and in the Asia-Pacific Leadership Academy.
 Director of the Pacific School of Ministry in Los Angeles.
 Part-time staff as teacher in the Dallas/Fort Worth Church.
 Writing: seventeen books, numerous audio and video materials, plus articles and chapters in
a number of additional books.
 Roles: evangelist, elder and teacher in various locales.

Wife: Theresa, married 57 years – January 30, 2022
Children: Bryan and Renee (five grandchildren – four grandsons and one granddaughter, ages
Age: 79 as of October 27, 2021