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The Rob Skinner Podcast

Feb 21, 2022

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Today, I’m talking to Kurt and Christina Flinchbaugh from the Lehigh Valley Church.  They share:

  • How Kurt shared his faith on the way to the hospital after getting involved in a nearly fatal bicycling accident
  • How Christina dealt with a secret eating disorder
  • How they have doubled their mission planting over the last three years
  • How Kurt’s life “Flipped upside down” when a power lifter met and shared the Bible with him in a gym in 2010
  • How Christina quotes “Lone Survivor” to help people stop living in the past
  • How they keep “multiple lines in the water” to reach the lost

All this and more on the Rob Skinner Podcast!

For information about the Associate Minister Position in Tucson click on this link:

More about Kurt and Christina


Kurt and Christina serve as Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader for the Lehigh Valley Church. Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, they both became Christians in 2010 while attending Gwynedd-Mercy University. After getting married in 2012, they worked as registered nurses while serving the Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ in a self-funded "One Year Challenge," a year-long ministry staff internship. With training under their belt, they began working full time leading the campus ministry and later started a region in the University City area of Philadelphia focusing on young marrieds and professionals. They are excited to now be heading the mission team in the Lehigh Valley. Kurt and Christina have two children, Ian and Ava.