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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Jan 27, 2022

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In this episode, I interview Gary Mayer, author of the book, “Imitate Paul:  Five Keys From the Apostle for Every Church Planter, Leader and Believer.”  I stumbled onto this book earlier this year and it impacted me deeply.  Gary grew up in the same area of Southern Oregon that I did.  He graduated from Oregon State and then worked for IBM for 21 years.  After a dramatic encounter with God in Paris, he resigned from IBM and entered Bible college in England.  He then planted a church in London and led it for nearly 20 years.  He retired to Northern Mexico and continues to teach, preach and write.  He has four kids, thirteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren on the way. 

I ask Gary about how to close the gap between what Paul experienced and described  and what the average minister or member experiences spiritually.  All this and more on the Rob Skinner Podcast!  

You can reach Gary at Gary@TexMex.Me

You can find his book on Amazon at this link:


I want to invite you to a men’s retreat we are organizing here in Tucson on the weekend of April 1-3, 2022.  This is something I look forward to every year and I hope you can join me.  It’s located at a beautiful campsite about an hour from Tucson.  It’s a great time to get away, listen to some powerful lessons, hike, cave, eat six delicious hot meals, sleep in comfortable and warm bunks, enjoy warm showers.  If you want to grow and enjoy a powerful spiritual opportunity, I want you to come join us.  Delano Stewart, who leads the church in Las Vegas, will be our guest speaker.  We will have more information and registration available soon.  Please save the date, Friday through Sunday, April 1-3, 2022.