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The Rob Skinner Podcast

Oct 4, 2021

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In this episode of the Rob Skinner Podcast, Ed Anton talks about his conversion, his first marriage and divorce and how he left his job at Coca-Cola for the ministry.  He also talks about his book, Repentance, and how the concepts in it can help during the Covid pandemic.

Who is Ed Anton?

Ed Anton currently serves as leader of the Hampton Roads Church and chair of the American Commonwealth Region (25 churches in the Mid Atlantic region of the US). He is also a teacher on the ICOC Teachers Service Team, and directs the Anchor Academy which has trained over 100 ministers for full time ministry. He and his wife Deb have four children: Zach (30), Chase (28), Caleb (20), and Lindsay (18). Ed authored the book Repentance, A Cosmic Shift of Mind and Heart and developed the DiscipleMakers, eMANcipators, TentMakers, MeatEaters, NetMenders, and BodyBuilders programs for equipping disciples. Both Ed and Deb left successful careers to follow God’s calling into ministry. Ed was a Marketing Director for Coca-Cola, and Deb was a Family Practice Physician.