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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Jun 14, 2020

Growing a church is difficult.  Stepping in as a new leader and growing a church that has been stagnant for years is nearly impossible.  Rekindling growth in a church and being the same leader from beginning to end is borderline miraculous.  Find out how to bring "dry bones" to life again in this episode of the Rob Skinner Podcast

Joel and Beth Nagel lead the Lansing Area Church of Christ. Joel planted the church in 2004 as a satellite ministry from the Detroit Church of Christ with about 30 members. For the first 5 years the church stayed stagnant overall and couldn't grow above 40 members. In 2009, with the same people and the same leadership, things started to change.

Over the last decade the church in Lansing has doubled, tripled, and quadrupled with growth every year to over 125 members. They have been able to hire full time campus ministers, buy a church building, get extra funding from outside sources, and create numerous resources that have helped many other churches small and large.  Joel loves to talk to Christian leaders about how conviction and creativity can overcome any bottleneck to growth that we may face. When he’s not behind the pulpit you might find him praying in the woods, trail running, or jumping off of waterfalls in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.