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The Rob Skinner Podcast

Feb 18, 2021

You think you’re busy?  Today on episode 81,   I’m going to talk to a man who, along with his wife, lead a church of over 300 hundred disciples. He is also a hydroelectrical engineer who has overseen a massive hydroelectric powerplant.  He now serves as an adviser and cabinet secretary to the president of his country as head of state in charge of water and electricity issues.  In this episode he'll share his secrets to leading in the Kingdom and in a secular career.  He shares:

  • How he dreamed of living a life like Nehemiah, who served both the king and the kingdom of God.
  • What has made the difference for him in balancing his responsibilities
  • How he avoided the temptations that come with his high-powered role in his country
  • How he deals with the pressure of "keeping the lights on" for his entire country
  • How he makes the time for God and his family

More about Geoffroy and Florence Gankoue-Dzon:

Church city : Brazzaville, main city

Country : Republic of Congo

Population of the city : 1.8 million

Florence is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where she was converted to Kinshasa in May 1996, when she was single and working in a logistics company as a senior cashier. Geoffroy comes is from the Republic of Congo. He knew the Lord in January 1997 in Brazzaville, a few months after his recruitment into the workforce of the national electricity company, immediately after obtaining his electromechanical engineering degree. They got married in October 2001 and God blessed their union with 3 children, including Sarah (18 years old, business law student), Geoffroy-Junior (16 years old, year 12 pupil class) and Angélica (14 years old, year 10 pupil class). Since October 2003, the couple has been leading the Brazzaville Church of Christ on a voluntary basis, which currently has 311 disciples (191 brothers and 120 sisters). Geoffroy was recognized as a self-supporting Evangelist in May 2016. Furthermore, by the grace of God, Geoffroy has enjoyed an exceptional professional career by occupying, in particular, the positions of hydroelectric power plant manager, project manager, minister's advisor (2012-2016), member of board of directors of water and electricity companies as well as advisor to the President of the Republic, Head of State, in charge of water and electricity issues from September 2016.