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The Rob Skinner Podcast

Aug 30, 2021

Kit Cummings became a Christian in 1989.  He quickly became a minister in the church.  He then went through a crisis in midlife that led him to bankruptcy, divorce, and rehab.  He made a promise to God during those dark days that shaped the future of his life.  Find out what he told God and how that has led to him...

Aug 18, 2021

Today on episode 112 I talk To Dave Mitchell (

Dave is a devoted Husband, Father of three, Christian, and a Certified High-Performance Professional Coach. He has spent the last 20 plus years studying personal growth and leadership development.  His mission is to coach disciples &...

Aug 16, 2021

In this episode, I talk about my July 2021 cross-country motorcycle ride from San Diego, California to Boston, Massachusetts.  I share about what I saw, who I met and what I learned.

Aug 14, 2021

Shannon Van Zee and his wife, Janella, lead the Great Plains Church of Christ in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  They moved there in 2017 and planted the church.  The church has grown from two members to 20+ people in four years.  In this episode, Shannon shares:

  1. How he overcame Leukemia in his twenties
  2. What motivated him...