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The Rob Skinner Podcast: Helping You Make This Life Count

Feb 25, 2021

Today on episode _83,  I’m going to talk about how to put the passion back into your relationship with God.  When you became a Christian, you made a decision to make Jesus the Lord of your life and go anywhere, do anything and give up everything.  Sometimes though we end up wondering where our fire went, where our...

Feb 23, 2021

On August 4th, 2020 a 1.1 kiloton bomb went off five minutes away from the home of Moufid and Jessy Tohme.  This is one of the most powerful non-nuclear blasts in history.  They and the church they lead in Beirut spent the rest of the year helping the 5,000 injured and nearly 300,000 homeless.  On top of that, they have...

Feb 18, 2021

You think you’re busy?  Today on episode 81,   I’m going to talk to a man who, along with his wife, lead a church of over 300 hundred disciples. He is also a hydroelectrical engineer who has overseen a massive hydroelectric powerplant.  He now serves as an adviser and cabinet secretary to the president of his...

Feb 14, 2021

Covid got you down?  Today on episode _80,  I’m going to talk about how regain your passion when you feel:

  • Downcast
  • Depressed
  • Dicouraged
  • Lethargic
  • Not yourself

I’ll be sharing some of the techniques I’ve used that have helped me recharge my passion when I get knocked down.


Feb 13, 2021

Today on episode 79_,  I’m talking to Chip and Ruby Mitchell, who lead the church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Leading a large, multi-racial church during racial unrest, political tension and a world-wide pandemic, they share:

  • Three practices that have helped them grow
  • How they ended up in Philadelphia
  • What is...